New Shared Hosting Plans

Metropolis Internet company dedicated to the service of lodging Web and corporative e-mail from 1999. We know the important thing that it is for you that its e-mail arrives at destiny in safe and fast form. We count on new plans of high storage.

Plesk PK-10 Plesk PK-30 Plesk PK-50 Plesk PK-100
$38000 / 1 year
$55000/ 1 year
$75000/ 1 year
$110000/ 1 year
10000 Megabyte Disc Web 30000 Megabyte Disc Web 50000 Megabyte Disc Web 100000 Megabyte Disc Web
50 GB monthly Traffic 100 GB monthly Traffic 150 GB monthly Traffic limitless GB monthly Traffic
10 Post-office boxes 30 Post-office boxes 50 Post-office boxes limitless Post-office boxes
5 Bases of MySQL data 10 Bases of MySQL data 20 Bases of MySQL data limitless Data bases MySQL
10 Subdominios/FTP 30 Subdominios/FTP 50 Subdominios/FTP limitless Subdominios/FTP
Shared IP Shared IP Shared IP Dedicated IP
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Servers Cloud LinuxWhat is Cloud Linux?

CloudLinux is a Commercial distribution based on Linux and installed in our servers of hosting free for all our clients, who allow to guarantee major stability, yield and security in our services from lodging to Virtualizar each account of user and to isolate it of other users in a called container LVE.

This allows to assign resources of system as CPU, ram memory and independent processes of PHP for each lodging of such form that if by some internal reason (processes outside programmed control or evil) or (attacks, DDOS etc) external the application consumes but resources of the wished ones, does not affect the general yield of the system nor of other users of Hosting hosted in the same guaranteed servant the stability and disponiblidad of the service the greater possible time and without interruptions.


Aid to improve the stability of the system when isolating the resources that each user of hosting can use of the servant without affecting to the rest of users.

It increases the efficiency of the servant.

It avoids that processes outside control collapse or overload the system.

It improves the behavior and performance of applications based on PHP and MySQL.

It allows to quickly identify problems of on consumption of resources and isolating the implied user so that it is always possible to be manterner the stability and performance of the servant.

It allows each user, through his account of cpanel to monitor and to identify rush hours of consumption of resources and processing accediento to a complete registry of activities where among others podra to detail in the consumption average and total in regard to the RAM, CPU time, process etc.

In summary, the implementation of this commercial system of resource management of users of hosting allows us to improve the performance and disponiblidad of services that we offer to all our clients of lodging shared Web.