Terms and Conditions Contract on watch

Entre Power360Hosting, the one that act represented by Fernando Hernández Jara, Commercial Engineer, domiciled for these effects in Mac-iver 484 Office 102 Floor 10, Santiago, Chile, in future Altvisión and the Client that will individualize when filling the electronic form of request of algonos of the services, has been agreed the following contract:


First: The Client agrees upon contracting, with Altvisión the asked for service, under the modality that is indicated in clause 2

°of the Present, which will allow him, to count on the benefit, granted through the infrastructure of Altvisión. This Servant could be accessed or be visited, by the users of the Internet network in case of the service of Webhosting.

Secondly: The Service of WebHosting will be lent according to the indicated thing in the table of plans published in our website. The other services are published in our website with their price, conditions and typical.

Third party: It will not be responsibility, of Power360Hosting, the following conditions registered in or regulators: · Domain Exists, Publication Domain, and Domain with any other type of restriction, within the 30 days in publication. · In the event that the asked for domain is rejected, by regulator, the client, will have to indicate, the new domain that she tries to associate to anyone of our plans.
Quarter: Power360Hosting, does not become person in charge before the following events:
· You cut of Electrical Suministro, caused by the electrical companies.
· Earthquakes, that they prevent to give an optimal or complete service.
· Fires in our dependencies other people's to our responsibility.
· You cut of international or National connections, provided by companies suppliers of Internet.
· Badly Use of the accounts of access, Power360Hosting, Forces to its clients by security to have an endorsement of all the information who maintain in our servers.
· Delay of the client in the change of DNS for the activation of the service from Power360Hosting
· Delay in Traspaso of the DNS of the Company previous to our Company.

. Robberies or attack to our facilities.

Fifth: Altvisón Ltda., is committed, before any event, different from the detailed ones in the Article Fourth, to provide, a service optimal, and stable, as well as within 8 hours to give to solution to the misfortunes or problems of national or international connection and 24 hours for problems of another nature that are of our responsibility.
Sixth: Power360Hosting, will not have responsibility some by the content of the information that the CLIENT, places or makes reside in the site of the servant of Altvisón Ltda., used by virtue of the present. Despite the previous thing, Altvisión, will be able to put term, to the present service and at any time if in his opinion, the information put in its servant, by the client, letter against the effective law in Chile, the moral or moral convention, or affects third people.

The client commits himself not to saturate the servant with no type of program that attempts with the yield of the machine and to realise endorsements of his hosted information in the servant.

The Spam is not allowed (massive shipment of e-mail nonwished).

Mp3 is not allowed to the content lodging (without author rights), adults or of any nature that attempts or harms our legislation being released Power360Hosting to give any information to the institutions that guard by the fulfillment of this one. Power360Hosting will give all the information of the client in case this one harms this clause.

Referring to the applications and solutions Web of open code (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc.) it is responsibility of the client to maintain updated the applications and will take the measures necessary to avoid intrusions and malicious use of them. Power360Hosting can put term immediate to the service if it demonstrates that the application installed by the client harms the security of the servant and there will be no reimbursement of the cancelled thing by the plan of Web Hosting.

Seventh: The commercial conditions of the present service could be modified, by Power360Hosting, previous notification to the client by an anticipation of at least 30 days to the use of the new conditions, to the effect will be used, the e-mail of the client. The Client, in case of not accepting the new commercial conditions, of the present service will be able to put I finish to him the same, communicating his intention in such sense to Power360Hosting, before the entrance in use of the new conditions, without cost some for him, otherwise accepting by the client will be understood these.

Octacto: The CLIENT, contract the service of Web Hosting and is commited to pay Power360Hosting, by the chosen period the tariff indicated in the electronic form.

Ninth: In case of Blackberry or simple retardation in the payment of the contracted service Power360Hosting it will suspend this service to the fifth day of the date of victory. The replacement of the service will become once all the positions pending and owed by the client are pleased.

Tenth: The present service will last indefinite, and anyone of the parts will be able to put I end up indicating its will to him in such sense, through a communication written dispatched to the e-mail of the other, with an anticipation of, at least, 48 hours to the date in which it wishes to put I finish to him. Despite previous Power360Hosting it will not realise returns of money to those clients, whom they had cancelled in anticipated form, per periods superiors to 3 months and that wish ahead of time to put term to him to this contract at the end of the cancelled periods, with the exception that Altvisón, does not fulfill an optimal service, and that is exclusively of their responsibility as it is stipulated in this contract (ANNEX FIFTH).