Plesk/PK-10 Plesk/PK-30 Plesk/PK-50 Plesk/PK-100
To buy It includes IVA
To buy It includes IVA
To buy It includes IVA
To buy It includes IVA
10000 Megabyte Disc Web 30000 Megabyte Disc Web 50000 Megabyte Disc Web 100000 Megabyte Disc Web
50 GB monthly Traffic 100 GB monthly Traffic 150 GB monthly Traffic limitless monthly Traffic
10 Post-office boxes 30 Post-office boxes 50 Post-office boxes limitless Post-office boxes
5 Bases of MySQL data 10 Bases of MySQL data 20 Bases of MySQL data limitless Data bases MySQL
10 Subdominios 30 Subdominios 50 Subdominios limitless Subdominios
Shared IP Shared IP Shared IP Dedicated IP
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Why Power360Hosting?

Because its website is hosted in the most modern datacenters of Canada and Chile. we are partnering with MSFT for cloud computing

Because we respond and we clarified all doubts.

Because our clients guarantee to us, than 2500 domains more hosted.

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